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Get flea & tick medication prescribed online.

Vetster veterinarians are ready to help you keep your pet pest free this summer! Use Vetster to get a prescription* for flea and tick medication or a recommendation for over the counter products to keep your pets happy all summer long.

*Please note, all prescriptions are at the discretion of the veterinarian and only available where allowed by law.

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Choose a vet that’s right for you, your budget, and your schedule!
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Get your prescription (if available) or product recommendation.
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Check out with VetsterRx and have your medication shipped right to your door or pick it up locally.

Don’t get ticked!

Ticks are tiny creatures that latch onto your pet’s skin. Do regular tick checks when you come in from indoors. Check for dark dots, bumps, or full ticks.

Always remove a tick when you find it. Watch out for signs of infection, like fever, scabs, or bumps, which can get progressively worse.

Remove the tick completely and in one piece. Take a picture so it can be identified by your vet, who will recommend treatment options.

Flight the fleas!

If your pet’s scratching, that’s a pretty clear sign. Look for bald patches, red dots on the skin, and black specs in your pet’s fur.

Take fleas seriously. They carry diseases that can be fatal — and can spread to humans. Prevention and treatment are essential.

Prevention is your first step. Speak with a Vetster vet about flea treatment options if you suspect your pet has fleas.


Dr. J offered a solution for a tricky situation getting flea and tick med prescribed without waiting 2 months for an appointment! Happy that I can take Tess to the country this weekend without worry. Thanks Dr. J!

—Heather B


This appointment was wonderful! This is the first time I’ve used a virtual vet service and it was just what I needed for my dog Lexis! ... I will definitely use this service and this vet again!

Trudi C


It was so helpful to have an online vet appt to get medicine for my cat's fleas & ear mites. My wifi cut out after discussing the prescriptions, but they were uploaded and my order was shipped.

Nicole B

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